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VonZipper Cletus Sunglasses. It's common knowledge around the campfire that VonZipper is for lovers... The passion for designing innovative eyewear is equal only to the never-ending desire to get out of the office and breath it all in. Truth be told, VonZipper has the hots for Mother Nature... So much in fact, that they hug trees on a daily basis. It's with that embrace in mind; they launched Shift Into Neutral - a collection of sunglasses that are made from the environmentally friendly and sustainable oil delivered from the castor bean. It's VonZipper's way of leaving the campsite better than they found it. This magical oil is a non-toxic, renewable resource that can be used to create frames with the same strength and flexibility as traditional sunglasses, while maintaining a supple hand that is as endearing as a good night kiss. These frames also come with a cotton sunglass bag and are minimally packaged for Her pleasure. Like all relationships, we understand that our efforts are not to perfect - but it's a step in the right direction and something we are proud of. For now it's one product at a time, not a one-night stand. Come on... let's hang out. VonZipper is a fashion forward lifestyle brand. Formed in the ethos of authenticity, irreverence and originality, the company’s design aesthetic recognizes the sophistication of sport and the do it yourself mentality of fashion. 

A gnarwhal navy frame made from nylon grilamid with gunmetal hinge accents. This sunglass frame will be hard-wearing and long-lasting.

The lenses are astro glo extremely lightweight and ultra-impact resistant, VonZipper's lenses are the optically correct choice for all of your outdoor activities and pursuits of daydreams. These sleek and sporty three layer lenses include all of the glare reduction you expect from VZ at a price your wallet won't hate. VonZipper's lenses are durability without distortion; make your move and continue your quest for outdoor illumination. VonZipper uses the most progressive lens technology available to protect your eyes from the dangers of UV rays and glare distortion. More vivid colors and the ultimate in visual acuity. The lenses can be made in prescription or non-prescription by us or your local optical boutique for an additional charge.

VonZipper Sunglasses are hand-made in Italy.

Included with this Sunglass frame is an authentic VonZipper eye-glass case.

Please feel free to use our personalized service for professional advice.