Tag Heuer Eyewear 7641
Tag Heuer Eyewear 7641Tag Heuer Eyewear 7641Tag Heuer Eyewear 7641Tag Heuer Eyewear 7641
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Tag Heuer Eyewear 7641 - Eyeglasses

Tag Heuer Eyewear 7641

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Medium 52-18-127-27-145  
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Track 7641 rimless ophthalmic frame designed by Tag Heuer. Eyewear with - tailor made comfort. A crisp clean modern frame.

Shinny silver hardware with red beta titanium skull temples with black racing stripe on the interior coated with a soft-touch elastomer-mould to perfectly curve any face.

The lenses can be made in prescription or non-prescription.

This frame has a small/medium fit. The temples are self- adjusting.

Tag Heuer are made in France.

Included with this frame is an Tag Heuer eyeglass case, a cleaning cloth and cleaning spray.

Eyewear advice is available from our professional frame stylist with out Personalized Service.