Semi Rimless

Semi-rimless eyewear, once considered the exclusive preserve of grandpa and grandma, have been reinvented. Today everyone from cool dubbers to sophisticated professionals seeks after these styles, in trendy shapes and hi-tech materials. Designs range from self-effacing to in-your-face; the only common factor is a drive for lightness. New materials and combinations of materials are appearing everywhere. Titanium, acetate, genium, magnesium, carbon fibre and aluminium, to name but a few. And all these and more may be combined with other materials. Semi-rimless eyewear is becoming common, but are being treated in innovative ways to create fantastic new finishes and decorative touches. Unusual shapes are coming in. Under frames turn semi-rimless eyewear upside down for a cutting-edge look, and lenses may be mounted in front of or behind the rim to give a 3D effect. In other cases the frame has virtually disappeared, making these designs a popular choice for people who are in the public eye and often before the camera.It is a style with great appeal for young and old. Semi-rimless styles do not detract from a person's looks. They do not change a person's appearance and people like that. But lightness is also factors are equally important.Whatever the material or design, all manufacturers are striving for lighter and ever lighter frames. Everything superfluous, such as screws, welds and even hinges, is eliminated, refining the frame until it becomes almost "virtual". Nylon threads have replaced titanium wire around the lower edge of the lens in many of the semi-rimless models. However, at the same time flexibility and strength are essential. It is a design challenge, which has resulted in some very hi-tech models, ultra thin; hinge less, flexible yet robust. In future manufacturers will continue to pursue new materials, both for lightness and other properties. Designs are likely to evolve in two ways, with manufacturers seeking ever more minimal designs on the one hand and also offering elegant and striking styling on the other.We present our Semi Rimless collection. Styles that combine the simplicity of a rimless style, with the definition of a full frame. Minimal or over the top and anything in between. Choose the one you love. Its up to you.

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