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The Hotel Capricorno by IC! Berlin Eyewear. Modern, elegant and sophisticated eyewear style. IC! Berlin turned the unconventional into the conventional and the IC! Berlin's unique screwless eyeglasses had started a new cult in the spectacle design community. IC! Berlin's new collections is named "physics". "Formulae in physics have to be simple and beautiful if they are correct. And the answer is always simple. IC! Berlin doesn't do almost perfect. It has to be just perfect. And if you find the new formula in physics, it just could be wrong or right, not almost right. Physics tries to fit with reality, and somehow the glasses fit with people. So the right one is always simple and beautiful," Ralph Anderi.

A classic graphite frame made from 0.5mm stainless steel sheet-metal, with a unique tension-based hinge design that functions without screws. The nose pads and temple tips are covered in latex surgical tubing. The material is pliable and extremely lightweight for maximum wearing comfort. IC! Berlin frames are virtually indestructible.

The lenses can be made in prescription or non-prescription by us or your local optical boutique for an additional charge.

IC! Berlin Eyewear is designed and hand-made in Berlin Germany.

This frame comes with an authentic IC! Berlin eyeglass case, a cleaning cloth and cleaning spray.

Eyewear advice is available from our professional frame stylist with our Personalized Service.