Chrome Hearts Vanity Eyeglass Case

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Color: BK

Product Description

A beautiful way to keep and display your eyewear collection. You will always find the right pair of frames to wear when you store your glasses in this eyeglass case. Chrome Hearts Eyewear is known for its luxury accessories which feature Fleur-de-lys, dagger and floral cross designs created using the latest innovation in optical technology, metallurgy, and laser engraving. Originally intended to appeal to the "Rock Star Lifestyle", Chrome Hearts has become a status symbol for trend-setters who want something edgy, in contrast to classic luxury brands. Chrome Hearts is simply the most innovative eyewear on the market. This collection houses a diverse selection of luxurious and unique style concepts that cater to those who desire the finer things life has to offer. Chrome Hearts Eyewear is only available exclusive optical boutiques.

This case holds 6 pairs of your favorite glasses, made from Italian black leather with a magnet Chrome Hearts sterling silver plaque to close the case and a leather fleur-de-lis stitched on top. The inside is lined with a hand stitched black silk material with a dagger design to protect your glasses. Leave the lid closed to protect your glasses like fine jewelry or open to display them.

Chrome Hearts is handmade in Japan.

Chrome Hearts is only available at exclusive boutiques. To purchase please call or e-mail us.


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Chrome Hearts


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