Bevel Spectacles Blew A Sigh
Bevel Spectacles Blew A SighBevel Spectacles Blew A Sigh
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Bevel Spectacles Blew A Sigh - EyeglassesBevel Spectacles Blew A Sigh - Eyeglasses

Bevel Spectacles Blew A Sigh

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Bevel Spectacles style Blew A Sigh. The BEVEL philosophy is to produce a quality design product that enhances your look. BEVEL products promote themselves, but for the curious…. The expression is clean, minimalist, and colorful while searching the realms of eyewear technology for innovation and quality. Bevel has identified their designs with the term "retro-nerd".  Bevel Specs are a stylish example of color infused with clean design.  Each frame embodies the style of the person who wears it. The Bevel Eyewear purpose for existence – to make the Bevel Eyewear wearer look fabulous while experiencing a higher level of comfort.

“Retro-Nerd” laminated acetate translucent gradient fire, brick and coral  frame. The Betaplast concept provides a light weight beta titanium core with a acetate overlay resulting in a unique 'laminated effect'. Giving you the look of a plastic frame but the feel of a light-wight titanium. Beta-hinges are added to be flexible but not springy and to improves the look and fit of the glasses. 

The lenses can be made in prescription or non-prescription lenses to accessorize your face by us or your local optical boutique for an additional charge.

Bevel Spectacles are hand-made in Japan.

Included with this frame is an authentic Bevel Spectacles eye-glass case, a cleaning cloth and cleaning spray.

Please feel free to use our personalized service for professional advice.